iPod PC Transfer Photo

Copy the photos and pictures from iPhone, iPod to PC.

Auto-detect, preview and transfer the highest resolution photos.

Supports iPod, iPad and iPhone all in one.

With iTunes, we can sync our photos from computer to iPhone, iPod in one direction, it works in most of cases. But what about restore those synced pictures from the iPod or iPhone back to PC? Or Is there any easy way to share the photos saved in your iPod with your friends?

iPod PC Transfer Photo will help you. It can transfer the photos from iPad or iPod to your computer easily.
No matter if you have "Included full resolution photos" or not, with iPod PC Transfer Photo, you can always export desired high quality photos to computer easily.

It's powerful, super fast and EXTREMELY easy to use, try it yourself!
Download 100% virus-free and spyware-free guaranteed.
iPod to PC Transfer Photo
  Features of iPod PC Transfer Photo:

iPod PC Transfer Photo can be used to extract photos or pictures from any type of iPod, iPhone or iPad easily. If you have "Include full resolution photos" option in the iTunes for your iPod before, it will export full resolution photos automatically. If you didn't select this option in your iTunes before, don't worry, iPod PC Transfer Photo can still extract the highest quality of desired photos from iPod thumbnail database diretly. It works in both situations like a charm.

Combine with iPod PC Transfer (which has ability to download all your music, video and playlists from iPod and iPhone to the iTunes), you can backup or restore all your personal data from iPod/iPhone easily and safely.

The features you can only find in the iPod PC Transfer Photo:

Transfer songs from iPod to computer
Copy photos and pictures from iPod to PC
Transfer photos from iPhone to PC
Transfer pictures and photos in album folders automatically
Restore pictures and photos from iPhone, iPad and iPod
Extremely easy to use iTunes-like interface
Preview all your photos/pictures from your iPod or iPhone
Select the photos according to the photo album
Full resolution or maximal resolution thumbnail auto detection
No virus, no spyware, no adware. Risk-free to try
Support all iPod and iPhone
  How to use iPod PC Transfer Photo? How to transfer photos into album folders?

It's easy, just connect your iPod, iPhone or iPad to computer, then click the Transfer button.
1) Connect your iPod or iPhone to the computer.
2) Browse and choose photos you want to export.
3) Click Transfer button to transfer the photos from iPod to PC.

iPod PC Transfer Photo allows you to transfer your photos into album folders automatically. After you clicked the Transfer button, please select the "Place files into album folders". If you prefer to save all the photos into one single folder, just select another option.


Download iPod PC Transfer Photo

Release version: 8.3.2
File size: 2.21 MB
For all Windows platform. (supports all type of iPod and iOS devices)
Select songs

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