iPhone Backup

iPhone Backup contains all the files and data in your iPhone.

You can use iPhone Backup Browser to extract contacts, calendar events, photos, messages, notes, call history, voicemails, bookmarks, historys, pictures or any file from your iPhone with or without iPhone connected.


Deleted a message or picture from your iPhone by accident?

Want to review or archive your important messages, call history, notes or other information in your PC?

Lost iPhone, but want all the important data in your iPhone back?

You can find a perfect solution by reading following instructure and guide.


So, first, what is iPhone Backup?
The iPhone backups also known as iTunes backups. These backups located in your PC, under the AppData folder of users. Please note, this folder is hidden by default.

Every time you sync your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with iTunes, or upgrade the iOS version of iPhone, iTunes will create a backup of your device automatically.

The backups contains all the information and files in your iPhone, such as messages, contacts, notes, call history etc.

All these data are encrypted by iTunes. You cannot view or read them directly as you read normal windows files.

So, iPhone Backup Browser has been created to fix this problem, by using this tool, you can easily view and extract any data you want from selected iPhone backup.

It's powerful, EXTREMELY easy to use, try it yourself!
Download 100% clean, no malware guaranteed.
iPhone backup browser
  What does iPhone Backup Browser can do?

iPhone Backup Browser can be used to extract any files from iPhone and iPad backups easily. As an iPhone backup extractor, it automatically export the data from iPhone to CSV, VCard, Html or other formats which you can easily view, back up or import to Excel, Outlook for the future use.

Combine with iPod PC Transfer, you can backup or restore all your personal data from any iPod, iPhone or iPad easily and safely.

The features you can only find in iPhone Backup Browser:

iPhone Backup Extractor
View and export any file and data from iPhone backup
View and extract Messages from iPhone backup with images, sounds in the messages
View and extract Contacts from iPhone backup in CSV, VCard format
View and extract calendar events, photos, notes, call history, voicemails, bookmarks, historys
Extract encrypted iPhone backup with password
Search contact's name to find messages, call history easily
Retore deleleted content of iPhone
Browse and extract iPhone backup without iPhone connected
No virus, no malware. Risk-free to try
Support all iPad and iPhone
  How to use iPhone Backup Browser? How to export data to your PC?

It's easy, run the iPhone Bakup Browser.
1) Select the backup you want to open from the popup list.
2) Select the data you want to browse by clicking the releated tool buttons
3) Click Export button to extract the data from iPhone backup to PC.

After you clicked the Export button, a dialog box will pop up to allow you to select the output format. For example, if you want to save pictures, sounds along with the messages, you need to select HTML (or MHT if you prefer a single file) format. Please also consider to get a license here.


Download iPhone Backup Browser

Release version: 2.1
File size: 1.34 MB
For all Windows platform.
iPhone contact extractor iPhone message extractor

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